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I’m the national bestselling author of Here for It, or, How to Save Your Soul in America and Reclaiming Her Time: The Power of Maxine Waters. For four years, I documented pop culture ephemera, celebrity schadenfreude, and political shadiness in a daily column for called Eric Reads the News. I wrote about Rep. Maxine Waters shutting down a press conference with a gesture, the depressed Rockefeller center Christmas tree, Cats, Cats again, Cats a third time, and Aretha Franklin feuding with Dionne Warwick over fax, among hundreds of other topics. I also interviewed Chasten Buttigieg, profiled Wendy Williams and Sanaa Lathan, and won accolades for my commentary on race in America.

I’m here for stories—stories from the present moment, pop culture we can’t stop talking about, tales we should’ve heard about but didn’t. This newsletter is a little bit of all of that—you’ll get a weekly humor essay every Sunday and occasional one-of Eric Reads the News posts when the news is just too good.

Photo by Winston Zhou